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Mike Singleton on Recession, Real Estate Slowdown, and Stock Market Outlook

Sep 15 – What are the leading economic indicators saying? FS Insider speaks with Mike Singleton at Invictus Research about the outlook for the US economy, the housing market, and the broader US stock market based on the most important...

Avi Gilburt: High Conviction Call on Precious Metals

Sep 14 – Avi Gilburt at gives FS Insider listeners an update on his market outlook and the various high conviction calls he currently has on precious metals, bonds, and the US dollar. Regarding the market outlook, Avi says...

Mark Manduca on Robotics, ESG, and Reshoring

Sep 14 – FS Insider speaks with Mark Manduca, CIO of GXO Logistics, to discuss how Covid changed the calculus of many companies towards automation and robotics. Mark says the average level of automation operating in today's warehouse...

Weekly Update: US Economy Hitting Interest Rate Wall

Sep 13 – Many were hoping for a big drop in inflation but it's just not happening, which means interest rates (that is, borrowing costs) are continuing to increase or remain high as well. Chris Puplava looks at how rates are putting a strain...

A Look at the World That Is and What Lies Ahead

Sep 13 - In addition to the regulations and new taxes on energy, there is a major disincentive to invest in producing more oil and natural gas. Amin Nasser, the head of Aramco, the world’s largest oil company, said the world is facing a major...

Here Are the Biggest Myths and Facts When it Comes to Life Insurance

Sep 12 – In today's Lifetime Planning episode, Josh Nunn and Aaron Wiegman discuss the most important facts and biggest myths of life insurance. For example, can you not qualify if you are too young or too old? Is life insurance expensive or...

Jim Puplava: All the Wrong Policies Mean Energy Crisis Will Worsen

Sep 9 – After this week's market wrap-up, Robin Griffiths out of the UK joins us to discuss the technical outlook for the market and to provide an update on his Adaptive Asset Allocation model for highest ranking sectors and regions of the globe...

James Kostohryz on Nord Stream Shutdown, Global Impacts of European Energy Crisis

Sep 9 – Just within hours of Europe’s decision to impose a price cap on Russian oil, Russia’s state owned energy giant Gazprom cut off the flow of natural gas to Europe via the Nord Stream pipeline, which supplied over a third of Europe’s gas...

Tom Essaye on Market Multiples, Lagged Impacts of Fed Tightening

Sep 7 – Tom Essaye at the Sevens Report discusses four key drivers behind this current market and what they mean for valuations and multiples. Tom also explains why Fed tightening acts with a lag on economic growth and how the downstream...

Bruce Mehlman on Cyclical Backlash and Counter-Revolutions

Sep 6 – Bruce Mehlman, founding partner at Mehlman, Castagnetti, Rosen and Thomas, joins FS Insider to discuss his most recent analysis titled Backlash: the Counter-Revolutions Driving Politics and Policy. Bruce covers four important cycles...

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